That’s actually a quotation from the Bible! You’ll find it in Ecclesiastes 1:2 in the Old Testament. The writer looks at every part of his life, everything he does, the whole creation around him, and concludes that it is all completely meaningless – because it all ends in death!… (we need to let that sink in!….)

Are you feeling happy?!…

But, there is one possibility of finding meaning (and only one!): there is God. He alone is bigger than life and the world around us – He created it, and He is eternal; He alone can give that life and world to us, and has willed and acted in great love and grace to do just that. We know this for certain because His Son Jesus Christ confirmed it with His teaching, and with His life.

So the message of Ecclesiastes is, let your life be always “zeroed in” on this God and His truth (Eccles. 3:9-15)! Then we may know solid meaning, richness, and joy in life, and irrepressible hope that has to carry us through every suffering, and even death itself!

Grace and cheers,

Rev. Jonathan Button