Cold feet. It is unrelated to the bride or bridegroom who suffer an onset of uncertainty or fear on their wedding day. With the thermometer plummeting early morning during winter, cold feet can be annoying.

Moses is a good example of someone who loses his nerve and gets cold feet, and it wasn’t even winter. His was the cold feet of insecurity and uncertainty. In Exodus chapter 3, God tells Moses that he has a job for him: ‘I’m sending you to Pharaoh to bring my people, the People of Israel, out of Egypt.’  It leaves Moses stone cold.  He suffers an onset of uncertainty and fear. Moses responds: ‘I don’t talk well.  I’ve never been good with words. I stutter and stammer. Send someone else.’  God arranges that his brother Aaron accompany Moses.

God kept reassuring Moses that he could do the job, revealing that ‘I-AM’ (I-Am-Present) would accompany him. God’s resources were available to Moses. If God calls us, we have all we need. It is that simple. Now that is something to warm the heart (and the feet).