When I was young, I use to think my parents and grandparents were “fuddy duddies” saying, “I don’t know what he world is coming to!”. Now I say,… “I don’t know what the world is coming to”! As we get older things around us seem to change more and more rapidly; certainly not always for the better, and often for the very much worse. This can get to be overwhelming.  As Christians, with our Western society seeming to turn more and more away from God, we can be tempted to wonder, “is Christian faith behind the times?… getting outdated?”

The short answer to the question, “what is the world coming to?”, is… Jesus Christ! He is the Omega (Rev 1:8) – i.e., Jesus is the end point, the goal, the climax of all of history. Jesus is not behind the times, He is way, way ahead of them! In the end all of history will come and bow at His feet, acknowledge that He is Lord – as He will remain for eternity (Philip 2:10,11). In the mean time, in spite of all appearances, Jesus reigns in history drawing all of it to His goal. Even when things seem to go stridently against His will, that is also a sign of His reign! (Ro 1:16-27; Rev 11:16-19)

Trust Him! Be at peace in Him! Be confident and joyous in Him! In faith, work for His good will to announce the good news of His grace and salvation to all people! Hope in Him!

Blessings and cheers,

Rev. Jonathan Button