Sometimes – perhaps even many times – we ‘crash’- quite literally, as some of us have found recently (including ‘yours truly’), finding other vehicles getting a little too ‘intimate’ with our own! (…yes, it was the other vehicle!) But we have many different types of ‘crashes’ in life: a health ‘crash’, with unexpected illness – physical, or mental, a ‘crash’ of circumstances, or much worse, relationships, a ‘crash’ of unexpected and overwhelming tragedy, or a ‘crash’ in our faith, where we can struggle to sense God’s presence at all!

…In fact, even when we are feeling ‘pristine and brilliant’, underneath that thin coat of ‘glossy paint’, we’re pretty mangled anyway!

The worst thing about any ‘crash’ is to think that we are all on our own to handle it, because we know deep down that we can’t. St Paul said, if we only look to Jesus Christ in faith, we may know that we are not alone, and in fact, can never, ever be alone, no matter what circumstances! (Ro 8:31-39) He tells us that this is true because of the promise of Jesus Christ: that in love, through His death and resurrection, He has forgiven and reconciled us to God, that He has taken hold of us as His own, and will never, ever let us go! We are not on our own; Jesus is in the crash with us – carries it along with us, and most importantly, He carries us through it. He has promised us!

…Are you feeling that you might ‘crash’, or even that you have?…. That’s ok; we all have to at points. Just ‘crash’ into Jesus arms, and let Him carry you!

Grace and cheers, Rev. Jonathan Button