How often do you read your Bible? If you can count on one hand the number of times you’ve opened up the Good Book in the last month (outside of church or bible study/home group), then don’t feel bad. At times, I can say the same of myself. Yet, how good it is when we do open up God’s Word and read, for no reason other than to spend time with our Creator. The Bible spans thousands of years and hundreds of generations of God’s people, and yet every page tells us more and more about God… His attributes, His character, and what His plans are for us, even to this very day.

Today’s Old Testament passage tells of the time God’s people, fresh from being saved from slavery in Egypt, worshipped a calf made of gold. That’s about as far away from godliness as you could get! Yet, as we’ll find out, God uses even his people’s open rebellion against His purposes to illustrate His love and forgiveness. Even when we are far, He comes near. What an awesome God we have!

Blessings, James Ross-Naylor