Are you feeling disgruntled??…

The word disgruntled comes from the Old Eng. word, gruntle, meaning, to grumble. We get our Eng. word grunt from this word, which we use to indicate swinish utterance in beast and man alike! To then throw a dis on the front of it ‘ramps it up’ to another level of unpleasant altogether!

But astonishingly, it is the default response of human beings to grumble horribly against the extravagant grace of God! The people of Israel grumbled against God who had saved them from slavery and death in Egypt and promised them a land flowing with milk and honey, just because the way there was unknown and required faith (Ex16:1-3). We would rather grumble against the grace of God, imagining that we had it better struggling away in our own strength, even though it brought us emptiness and pain!

We must repent of our grumbling, and embrace grace! (1Thess 5:16-19)

So should we be gruntled instead?… Well, although gruntled should logically be the opposite of disgruntled, as the origin of the word shows, it doesn’t really work that way. However, humourists have commandeered the word gruntled to mean exactly that – i.e., to be well pleased, contented, happy, ‘tickled pink’… like a… pig?!

Grace and cheers,

Rev. Jonathan Button