Any fans of The Young and The Restless among us? Or maybe you’re just like me – late middle-aged and restless… or perhaps old and restless! In any case, we are all sure part of a restless society these days! For many of us, activity and work just never seem to stop. We can find out through unfortunate consequences that this life-style isn’t healthy, and in fact not possible to keep doing for too long!

God our Father is a God of action. He does, and calls us to do, lots of purposeful, effective, fruitful, satisfying work. But He’s also a God of Rest – deep, peaceful, healing, rejuvenating and revitalising rest! That’s what the ‘Sabbath’ is about in the Bible (Ex 20:8); at least one day a week where we leave aside all work and busyness, to rest, relax, in communion with God and His people in worship, and to be healed and renewed by the Gospel. The Sabbath is not a duty that we do, it is a loving gift from God our Father that we are to receive, and enjoy, that we dare not miss out on!

Blessings and cheers,

Rev. Jonathan Button